Support your Detox with Lemon juice

As a lemon lover and your body will definitely love your liver. Make a daily morning routine to drink warm water, juice of ½ of a lemon, a small piece of ginger, raw or organic honey and if desired a pinch of cayenne pepper. Not only will your liver love you, but to your whole body will love you.


The Importance of Your Liver

The human liver is an extremely important organ for longevity. It is responsible for numerous functions in your body; for purification, protein production and biochemical generation, which is essential for our digestive system. The liver is located beneath your stomach, attached with two large blood streams that carry red blood from the aorta and conveys blood bearing assimilated essential nutrients to the entire gastrointestinal region from the spleen down to the pancreas. Compare your liver to a strainer, which filters out the toxins from your blood streams, to your digestive and metabolic system. Sequentially, many individuals assume liver disease is attributable to alcoholism, but we also need to be aware that exposure to toxins, taking medication, consuming fatty foods, eating too much sugar or too much salt will cause your liver to become fatty and it will not be able function well to detoxify itself. Your liver is susceptible to various health issues, such as hepatitis, cancer and fatty liver and you will not live as long if your liver is not functioning properly. Be proactive with liver care. We all must be cognizant of our daily exposure to toxins and chemicals and make better choices with food intake. We should try to consume organic fruits and veggies as well as organic proteins, which helps your liver to function effectively. If we do not recognize our excessive intakes of unhealthy oils, fats and harmful toxins, it could actually deteriorate the liver’s functionality. Health issues such as diabetes, obesity, congested coronary heart disease could possibly be a result of an obstructed liver. Complications may first occur in the liver before it results in a heart issue. The most amazing characteristic of your liver is it can regenerate itself. Take good care of your liver and it will take good care of you. 


Liver Detox and Lemon Juice

Lemons contain almost 6% citric acid and are fully loaded with rich in Vitamin C. Pure lemon juice can help our liver to work efficiently by producing enzymes and regulating blood glycogen levels. Lemon juice is an organic and natural antibacterial that eliminates harmful microorganisms, at the same time an antioxidant designed to purge harmful toxins ingested into our body. Since we cannot take full control and eliminate all harmful toxins from our environment and the foods we ingest, I drink “Lemon Tea” every morning. 

As we already know the liver can repair and regenerate on its own and since our body is designed with a built-in cleansing and detoxification process, we can take advantage of this by drinking a daily Lemon Tea. Lemon juice can be a substitute for your breakfast coffee, juice or tea. In addition, lemon juice can assist with breaking down those harmful bacterias and toxins inside your body and you can certainly supplement lemons to your daily consumption of drinking water.


Liver-Lover Lemon Tea Recipe

  • ½ lemon with rind
  • Small piece of ginger
  • Raw or organic honey (to taste)
  • ** if desired a pinch of cayenne pepper
  • 1 cup of warm water

I prepare my lemon juice for the entire week. I juice four lemons and an inch of ginger then store it in a glass container in my refrigerator. This makes those busy mornings less crazy.