Cranial Structural Technique (CST)

I have been a Holistic Health Care Practitioner for many years but recently I learned and gained qualification in Cranial Structural Technique.  Currently in my practice I have been combining the Bowen Technique with the Cranial Structural Technique (CST) and achieving staggering results. 

CST was developed by Don McCann.  CST should not be confused with craniosacral technique in fact they are worlds apart.  With Cranial Structural Technique one addresses the core distortion pattern that exists within the structure of every body – we are born with it.  It is a similar to a spiral that runs through the body causing rotation of the iliums and a tipped sacrum as well as a bit of scoliosis.  The spiral is not only found in the body but also in the cranium. Pain is often caused by this distortion – and when the distortion is released pain is relieved.

 “Craniosacral techniques are applied within the soft tissue restrictions of the normal cranial motion. Cranial/Structural techniques release the soft tissue restrictions of the normal cranial motion resulting in structural changes throughout the body.” -Don McCann

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 CST has been shown to be effective in treating a plethora of conditions ranging from TMJD to Knee Pain.