Nutrition Education

Looking after your health is the single most important thing you can do to achieve a good quality of life.  There are some basic simple principles, which include a good balanced diet, clean water, sunlight, fresh air, exercise and rest.

In our modern stress driven world it can prove challenging to follow these basic principles.   And even if we are able to follow these principles our food contains less and less nutrients and the level of pollution in the air and water zap the nutrients in our bodies, the result is often a nutrient deficiency in us, which may negatively impact our heath and wellbeing. 

It is the job of a Nutritional Educator to explore your life style choices, looking for possible deficiencies and provide you with a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you optimize your health and wellbeing.

 As we are all biochemically different and therefore in need of treatment designed specifically for our bodies’ needs, I strive to provide individual health care programs tailored to each client. I believe it is extremely important to educate you in all manner of healthful living, so that you can take greater responsibility for your personal health and wellbeing.


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