What is Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a very efficient tool that may help reveal the root causes of imbalances, whether they manifest as physical or emotional symptoms. Unveiling potential causes of imbalances may present opportunities to make adjustments to diet and lifestyle, leading to optimum levels of health and well-being.

Kinesiology is a non-invasive technique that may give the practitioner unique insights into her clients’ needs, making it possible to develop highly personalized wellness programs. Kinesiology techniques may also enhance and speed up the healing process. 


Food Testing & Supplements

Improper diet can wreak havoc both emotionally and physically. Kinesiology may detect foods that are beneficial and/or those which are potentially harmful to an individual. If it is advisable for a person to avoid a certain food, alternatives will be suggested. In addition, the practitioner can use emotional balancing techniques, if required, to help one adhere to potential dietary changes. Many people are pleasantly surprised to find this much easier to accomplish than they expect, and the improvement to health often far outweighs any effort required. 

Due to the unnatural farming methods used today, as well as the popularity of processed and microwaveable foods, many people are deficient in particular nutrients and are overloaded with toxic substances.  During a treatment, the practitioner may educate the client about his or her particular needs.

What happens during a treatment?

During a treatment, your practitioner will test various muscles to assess and find potential imbalances in the different systems of the body. She will then muscle-test to find any nutritional, herbal or floral remedies that may help the healing process. 

To restore balance, the practitioner will use different techniques such as light touch, deep massage or gentle manipulation on specific points around the body and head.

After a treatment, you are likely to feel relaxed and energized. You are encouraged to work on yourself between treatments to retain the benefit of the treatment for longer. To enable this, you will be taught simple techniques individually designed for you.