Join us for our upcoming Detox program

Look And Feel Radiant In 2017

Are you ready to move your health forward? Start 2017 with a positive and health promoting 15 or 30 day detox program. By taking good care of your body from the inside out you are providing it with a much needed health boost for the months ahead. Apart from food and alcohol overload, there are chemical emissions and by-products in the air we breathe as well as in our food and water. A detox regime doesn’t have to be complicated or frighteningly strict. This program includes an easy- to-follow food plan with many delicious snacks and recipes to choose from. In addition, we have taken great care in sourcing superior nutritional supplements to aid in the detoxification process. You will also receive daily inspirational emails with health and wellness tips and sound information.

Why detox your body?

Even when we think we are eating right and living a healthy lifestyle, toxic waste can build up in our bodies and contribute to us feeling tired and run down or suffering from headaches, weight gain, bloating and repeated infections.

What causes a build up of toxins?

Detoxification is the normal biochemical process undertaken by our cells and organs to reduce the body’s load of toxic substances. These may be present from either external sources (additives, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals) or your own physiological activities (bacterial toxins, intestinal toxins, metabolic by-products).

While the concept has been oversold by the media, sensible and scientifically supported protocols can provide significant health benefits. By following a detox program, you can eliminate many food and metabolic toxins or allergens, laying the foundation for better health and more energy and vitality.

It’s a good time to detoxify if you suffer from:

• Fatigue or sluggishness
• Headaches
• Mood swings, anxiety, insomnia
• Poor skin
• Chronic muscle aches and pains
• Bloating, wind and other digestive problems
• Hormonal imbalances such as PMS or menopausal symptoms
• Poor immunity
• Weight issues
• Poor memory or concentration

The liver, kidneys and digestive tract require ongoing nutritional support to carry out the vital task of detoxifying the body. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are some of the critical substances the liver and kidneys need in order to filter out and transform toxic substances into harmless ones that can be safely excreted in the urine.

What does a detox do for your body?

A detox program is a ‘spring clean’, assisting your body to function more effectively. You should notice:

• Increased energy and vitality
• Better immunity and resilience
• Improved digestion
• Loss in weight as well as inches
• Improved skin health. 

Starting date Sunday January 15 – an optimal start date for those of us who tend to run behind in our resolutions. 

Please let us know by Sunday January 8 if you intend to join us.

Total cost of the 15 day program including supplements and shipping is $115.00.

Email us at, or call Sheryl at (407) 718-1733 to sign up or if you'd like additional information about the program.