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Taking the time to appreciate your food may bring with it amazing health benefits. Chewing your food thoroughly not only allows the flavors of food to linger satisfying your taste buds, but it also enhances the first step in digestion. In fact the act of smelling and seeing food causes the release of salivary enzymes. The longer we linger over our food the less indigestion and bloating, less acid reflux, and better nutrient absorption we experience.

Our saliva actually consists of digestive enzymes that start the digestive process. The more the food is chewed and in the mouth before swallowing the more the food will be broken down before entering the stomach. The stomach and the small intestine can then continue the digestive process. If the food isn't well digested larger food particles find their way into the colon and putrefactive bacteria may grow on this undigested foodstuff causing a number of disorders including but not limited to candida, and bloating.

Weight loss may be another benefit of eating more slowly. This weight loss may occur not only because of less bloating and indigestion but also because eating more slowly gives your body a chance to tell your mind that it's full, which ought to help you put that fork down.

When possible allow plenty of time to eat your meal. Try to eat at table with friends or family rather than in front of a screen. Take the time to smell, see and appreciate your meal. Try to count to 30 chews per mouthful of food – this can be a challenge at first - as always practice makes perfect.